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The Plant Clinic

The Plant Clinic is the backbone of our plant shop. Customers can bring in plants that are in need of help, whether it is a simple repotting or concerns about their growth. In addition, we can pot any plant you pick out in the store into a planter of your choice. Explore below to see what our services include.

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Take a look at our repotting menu!

To make use of our repotting service, bring your plant in to our store with its new pot, or choose one from our selection.

We also do drainage hole drilling!


Drainage is key to a healthy plant. Every pot should have a hole to allow for aeration of the soil and roots. We can drill a hole into anything!

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House Calls

We can come to you! Services include repotting, pruning and maintenance, and expert advice for your plants that gives you lasting confidence in your plant parenting.

Want to book a house call?
Use this google form and we'll get back to you!

Treatment of Sick Plants

Got a plant that's not doing well? Send us a picture on Instagram or through email and we can help diagnose it. If needed, your plant can stay at our clinic to get the care it needs, including light and humidity therapy. We have grow lights to fit any plant's needs and mix our own soil in-house.

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Custom arrangements or terrariums
Custom terrarium.jpg

Need a unique gift or a simple centerpiece for a party? We can help! 

We can help find a planter or terrarium or you can bring in your own. We will help you figure out what plants will fit best. 

Rentals are also an option. 

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Wedding or Party Favors

Need a bulk amount of plants? We can help you find them! With access to wholesale nurseries, we can source great plants in large quantities. Orders will need to be made 2-4 weeks in advance.

Installation of moss poles or climbing structures

Some plants need extra support in order to really thrive. We can make custom moss poles or wire trellises. You can either bring your plant in and we can install it or you can pick it up to install yourself. Depending on the size of the moss pole, it can be $20-$40.  

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